Frontier’s Screening process

Identifying the top 5% of AI talent.

Our talent screening process uses proprietary data and expert interviews to effectively identify the top 5% of AI talent. Below we share the process we’ve spent years developing.

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Step 1

Language & Personality

The initial stage of our selection process includes a thorough evaluation of the candidate's proficiency in the English language and communication skills. Additionally, we also assess the candidate's personality traits to ensure that they possess a genuine passion and engagement for their work.

The top 56% of applicants pass this step.

Step 2

Skill Assessment

We delve deeper into the applicant's technical acumen and aptitude for problem-solving through a series of assessments. This includes field-specific assessments, to determine their depth of knowledge in domains like computer vision and natural language.

The top 32% of applicants pass this step.

Step 3


Our selection process includes a personalized interview with experts in the candidate's functional area. The interviewers provide a series of practical exercises to evaluate the candidate's problem-solving skills, level of experience and innovative thinking.

The top 5% of applicants pass this step.

Step 4

Continued Assessment

We continually measure the talent's impact with every client they are placed with. These data points improve matchmaking, ensuring that clients are matched with the highest impact talent for their specific project.

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